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Psi Another Day

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THIS is the first in a three-book series detailing the exploits of Rinnie Noelle, the youngest Psi Fighter to ever battle the sinister Walpurgis Knights. Fiercely skilled in the Mental Arts, Rinnie has kung fu expertise that few people can match, and psionic abilities that most people don't even know exist. Aided by Psi Fighter mentor Andor Manchild, best friend Kathryn Hollisburg, and the oddly shaped Dweeb League, Rinnie protects Greensburg from all manifestations of villainous scum.




When Rinnie Noelle, Greensburg’s youngest masked crime-fighter, totally botches her first mission and lets a frightening stalker escape, she is reassigned to protect her high school from arch-nemesis Mason Draudimon, a bully who has picked on her since fifth grade. The thought bores her to death. She could easily dust the lockers with his face, and that would be fun, but it would also give away the secret of her true identity. But the assignment takes on a whole new meaning when Rinnie discovers that the school has become a hunting ground, and she is the prey. The Walpurgis Knights, a mysterious group of supervillains, have dispatched an apprentice to find her. The good news is, he doesn’t know her true identity. The bad news is, she doesn’t know his, either. But Mason is the link to finding him.



Aided by an oddly shaped, politically imperfect band of outcasts, Rinnie searches the high school for the elusive apprentice. When the stalker returns to take a little girl from the elementary school, Rinnie has to choose between rescuing the girl and uncovering the identity of the apprentice. In an unpredictable game of deception, she learns that the Walpurgis Knights, the kidnapper, and Mason are all tied irrevocably to the man who murdered her parents.


Rinnie takes her Mental Arts skills to their limits in her first battle against the evil Walpurgis Knights.




"I freaking love this book, I'm only on page 36 because I have to stop cause I keep laughing so much..."



"Seriously, with all the clone YA books out there Psi Another Day is like a breath of fresh air, followed by a swift kick in the butt."



"If I could compare Psi Another Day to a TV series, it would be Nikita (if she was in high school). And it’s no secret that I am a huge Nikita fan.

Psi Another Day was so thrilling to read. It was so action packed and fast paced that I kept turning pages."



"Author D.R. Rosensteel has a wicked sense of humor as the reader can tell by cast names. Andor Manchild (yes, he is a man-child) is protagonist Rinnie’s friend and the creator of an assortment of crazy but useful inventions. The Kilodan (a musical group and a form of measurement) is Rinnie and the other Psi Fighters masked leader. The Walpurgis (a European holiday exactly six months from Halloween) Knights are the Psi Fighters’ enemy. Captious (difficult to please in the dictionary) is the arrogant Algebra teacher. Police Chief, Amos Munificent (very generous and giving by definition), is ready to save the students by ridding the school of crime. Well, you get my drift. The naming process had to have been a lot of fun for Rosensteel!"



(c) Copyright D.R.Rosensteel 2015