Hi. My name is D.R. Rosensteel. I write clean YA fantasy action-adventure stories wrapped around real teen issues like bullying, drug abuse, and peer pressure. There may be a hint of romance or a touch of horror, but there will always be action, action action!

My message to kids who feel different—stick together. We have the rest of the world outnumbered.

My message to parents—pay attention. The evils of bullying, drug abuse, and peer pressure are real, and our kids don’t always talk about it. Don’t be a helicopter, but never be afraid to be a parent. Our kids need our guidance and our love. It’s great that they have friends who have their backs, but it’s better that they know you do.

My message to Psi Fighters—Vanquish Evil, Do Right, Protect the Innocent!


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Psi Another Day

A Psi Fighter Academy Novel (1 of 3)

There's a New Superhero in Town

When Rinnie Noelle, Greensburg’s youngest masked crime-fighter, totally botches her first mission and lets a frightening kidnapper escape, she is reassigned to protect her high school from arch-nemesis Mason Draudimon, a bully who has picked on her since fifth grade. The thought bores her to death. She could easily dust the lockers with his face, which would be fun, but it would also give away the secret of her true identity. Read more...

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Live and Let Psi

A Psi Fighter Academy Novel (2 of 3)

The Showdown is Near

Sixteen-year-old Rinnie Noelle is called into action again as the crime rate suddenly accelerates in Greensburg. Nicolaitan, the man who murdered Rinnie’s parents, makes it clear that he wants Rinnie, and will go on a murder spree until she gives herself up. Rinnie’s friends and teachers disappear in a bizarre game of riddles where fresh cemetery plots and poetic clues point to the next victim. Her rescue missions expose Rinnie to the horrors of the mysterious LaReau Mansion, and the secrets of the haunted Livermore Burial Grounds. Read more...

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Psi Fighter Street Team

Psi Fighter Street Team

I would love to hear your feedback or questions about the books, characters and themes.
Please do not send me manuscripts or story ideas. This protects you and me legally.
(Sorry, my lawyer made me write that.)

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